Korean Food Import Specialist

Our company offers a wide variety of services. Our tailored approaches to each opportunity and our extensive knowledge enables us to help clients overcome all challenges.

Our Expertise

Specialising in trade and investment, our company oversees the distribution of various products locally (Lotte Mart, Jeonggeum etc.) and have conducted the manufacture and sale of various products globally for Nanopac, RBNK etc. Other operations include contract manufacturing and distribution to various countries globally.

Our Philosophy

Our company aims to develop lasting connections with clients and partners, through fair trade and honesty in all of our business practices. This can be seen in our close connection with global companies and our exclusive representation of brands locally.

Our Commitment to Results

Our drive and determination to achieve results has enabled us to create the long-lasting connections for which we are known for today. Cordelia International is a constantly adapting and evolving company with the ability to reach goals, both big and small.

Our Experience

Cordelia International was established in 2006 with the goal of devising modern product solutions for different needs. Since then, the company has successfully delved into numerous sectors.