Our Services

Our company offers a wide variety of services. Our tailored approaches to each opportunity and our extensive knowledge enables us to help clients overcome all challenges.



Established trade partners overseas in various countries such as (Korea, USA, China, Vietnam etc.) enable us to provide the best imported goods at highly competitive prices. Our company is the exclusive local agent for Lotte Mart products (Only Price, Yorihada, Choice L etc.) and many other great brands.



Close connections with overseas vendors and distributors allow us to create new sales pathways for Australian products around the world. We are experienced in offering great Australian products to established online and physical vendors overseas.



Through our facilities or our extensive connections with established, reputable manufacturers, we aim to provide the best OEM manufacturing solutions for our clients. Some examples of products categories available include food (vegan, kimchi, pre-made meals etc.), cosmetics, character toys etc.



Recent developments have enabled us to delve into the retail space, with The Westie Market (West End, Brisbane) opening soon. We aim to create a diverse set of unique physical and online retail solutions. We are also always looking for new partners, both suppliers and new vendors to take our products.